Wednesday, April 4, 2007

You can't be serious!!

This is amazing, it hit Matt and I last night at dinner over our third glass of wine that this is our life for the next 2 months!!! This city is amazing...the buildings, the church (today we are going to hear the choir) the artwork, and being with Matt all the time...

Today we are going to ride the Trolley like the true tourists we are and then take the Gondola up to see the view of the city...which will be amazing today because it is a clear day. And the list of things we plan to do goes on from there...the penguins, the bed and breakfasts, the botanical gardens, Hyde park, and all the different restaurants...then comes the camper van, this will be the true pre wedding test!!

I hope you all are doing well and that we will still be friends when I get back!!!


Chuck said...

Wow it sounds like you guy's are see'ing it all. Matt I think you have been bitten by the travel bug---Good!! Actually the US does have Churchs like that but I know what you mean, need to take a trip to UK and explore reallllly old stuff. Enjoy everything
We love you
Dad and Mom

Mac McCool said...

Cool photos! And gondola ride?? Awesome! Have fun!!

Dik Pose said...

AWESOME! Every single day I am just going to be beaming with jealousy!!! AHHH..

It just overjoys me to think of you two having adventures together and living life... I am really beaming more with happiness than jealousy (but its still there :) )

I can not wait to see all those pics!

Matt said...

Hey guys, yes Gondola ride was taken yesterday (Umm Thursday) for us and uhh Tuesday for you guys. So awesome, i have started to upload the mass of photos but most internet cafes are very slow here...go team!