Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What an amazing day

We have been having a great time in Greymouth, New Zealand. Our hostel "Dukes Backpackers" is 120x better than the other dirty hostel we were in for 6 days. Our first day here we just explored the town and found an amazing restaurant that was open for its last day (the women was going on a 2 month vacation, so she decided to shut down the place and leave...go figure). We did not know what to order so she just made a special plate of everything she figured we would like...and wow, what an amazing meal that was! The same women who cooked for us, also gave us a whole list of tips on where to travel and how to save some money. She highly recommended we "leave Greymouth" and find something cooler. We took her notes home and plan for the next day to actually check out Greymouth for ourselves to see what exactly this place is about.

So we woke up made our PB&J sandwiches and headed out. We knew there was a short walking trail for us to go out and explore so with our trusty map we started walking. We arrived at the trail head of "King Park Trail" and started walking. Immediately we both looked at each other and said "you can't be serious!", if you awoke in a forest like we were in, you would swear you were in some exotic tropical land. The trail was covered in lush green everywhere, stuff was growing on top of stuff and mud was everywhere from the winters rain. The whole walk was uphill and we knew the view would be amazing at the top, and it was. We ate lunch on a downed tree and checked out the amazing scenery from up-top. We didn't think we could find anything more beautiful than this but we were wrong...

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