Monday, April 9, 2007

Tranzalpine new hostel all great

So we had a great adventure yesterday, we bought an alarm clock (i know we couldn't believe it either) and set it for 5am (ouch!). Just enough time for us to wake up eat and be ready for the 6am bus...or so we thought. We were at the bus stop for around 20 minutes, and we were starving since we actually skipped the breakfast part to catch the ealier bus. Sure, plenty of time to get into town and eat there, efficient and a good plan. Oh wait, here comes the bus! So we get our stuff, the bus pulls over we walk towards the bus and it takes off, from there Megan is chasing after the bus, yelling HEY! WAIT! She has both packs on, one on the front one on back, it was really a site to see. Well the bus leaves us in the dust and we are freaking out. We now have to take the next bus which is supposed to come 15 minutes before we have to take our shuttle and it takes 15 minutes to get to the city, the odds were against us. So we waited, Megan was prepared and never took off her pack...both of them. She was standing there with both her packs on for at least 15 minutes, ready and waiting. Well the bus came at 5 till 7am and it took us right to the shuttle. Well, we were walking to where the shuttle pick up was and what did we see...the shuttle zooming past us! I said "there goes the shuttle" then Megan almost loses it and says "oh no". I never thought I would be the calm one, but i was, i said "lets just go there and see if there is another one", so we walk over there and sure enough another shuttle was on the way, problem solved. Well, Megan decides it would be a great time to go to the restroom and she hurries away, right when she leaves the shuttle arrives, so I am carrying her bags my bags in order to make sure we have a spot. The shuttle was packed so quick by the time she is even within site she is holding up the shuttle. So all the back seats were taken but one, so Megan went in the back and i was going to take the front seat. Being an american i walked over to the right side of the shuttle and all 14 of the passengers laughed in unison (Megan being the loudest) over my Americaness. Long story short, the Tranzapline was amazing, the views, the train everything was what you would expect and more. One problem, the windows were very reflective and it made it hard to get a decent shot of the amazing scenery, so yes i have photos but no they are not very good. So we had an adventure before the adventure and i guess that is what makes traveling so fun.
matt and megan

Our hostel no longer smells and we have our own bathroom and shower, and no more bunk beds, hurray.


Dik Pose said...

HAHAHAHA... I can see it all happening in my head! AWESOME!... Hey Matteo, why was it "American" of you to go to the right of the shuttle? Did you mean inside or outside?

Chuck said...

Hey Meg and Matt,
2days and counting. We're off Friday night. We'll see you May 3, 6pm, Rendevous Stafford Hotel in Sydney. Sounds like you are having a blast.
Love & hugs,
m & d

Laurie Carlson said...

Hey Megan and Matt...I LOVE reading about all that you're doing. Ahhh, brings back such fond memories of my "yonger" days. Now I can just sit back and enjoy what you're doing.
Megan...did Matt let you bring a hairdryer,curling iron,make-up,high heels????
Love you guys,can't wait to read more about the trip.