Friday, April 27, 2007

Dunedin do everything but go see chocolate

So we left the wonderful little TeAnau to go to a bigger city atmosphere. The bus ride was brutall and that was even before megans bag was broken by the Intercity bus people. But we were able to look past that and actually enjoyed ourselves in this smaller version of Christchurch but still very big in its own right.

We arrived shortly at our cool hotel "The Leviathan" (with a name like that, why wouldn't it be cool. This place was pretty old, everything was crickety and had it's oddities (one of the doors as you walked through it would just decide to close). You could say it felt haunted but check out the video and decide for yourself, the shot was taken from the stairs towards our room.

We ended up staying in Dunedin for 4 days and loved every day of it. There was one thing that we regretted the moment we started doing it.

You see, Dunedin is the home of Cadbury World (ya know the ones that make the chocolate eggs?) they have been there for a 100 years or so and i guess it is a "must do" if you are in Dunedin. Thinking that it woudl be an all exlusive tour a la Willy Wonka we decided to pony up the $32 bux and do the tour. WOW, what a waste of our time and money. We barely saw any inner workings of the factory, there was no fountain of chocolate that we could drink from, there wasn't even any munckins! All in all a big waste of time.

So you might be wondering, what IS there to do in Dunedin. Well, lets see there is watching a movie, then watching another one. Walking around to see all historic sites, making jewelery (Megans new addiction to replace shopping), eating at the same Indian food place twice (Anarkali if you are wondering) and that is about it. Such a neat relaxing place and that was even before we made it to Hanmer Springs.

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Dik Pose said...

HAHA.. damn it, I love the videos. They make me smile and laugh. You guys are silly.

Just a few more days of NZ and then its Australia!!!! SWEET! Keep having fun you two!