Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Punakaiki what a great place

...Well Punakaiki, the place with the funny name and even more fun to say was everything we heard about and more. Initially we went there to check out the pancake rocks (more on that later) and blow holes but we discovered, much like Greymouth that this place had many hidden treasures.

One of which was the Punakaiki Cavern. The women at the I-site place told us to bring torches and luckily after a mad dash we both had ours. We came across the cavern on our way to a 3k hike along the road. We initially thought it was a small cave to check out, what we didn't realize is how far back it went. It was pitch black, the sound of dripping water was everywhere and stalactites of sandstone dripping with coolness. Mud was everywhere, and some of the tighter spots coated us with it, we didn't care it was so cool it was worth it. The only reason Megan went in is because, in New Zealand there are no snakes, big spiders, weird bugs anything. It makes it nice to travel around in rain forests and not have some creepy crawly land on your head. We then made our way down to the Truman Track and arrived at an another rain forest like place. Words and pictures cannot describe how it is being covered in the canopy of the rain forest as rain drops all around but on you. The streams and rivers were in full force and the views for each were equally amazing. We made our way through the trail and it ended on the beach, breathtaking. The tide was starting to get high so we didn't have much time to hang out but the time we did spend was amazing. The beach is covered in small pebbles, millions of them. Actually, the beach does not have one grain of sand! From all the rain, there was a small yet tall waterfall dropping onto the beach. New Zealand, simply amazing you look to the right and it's rain forest, look to the left beautiful beaches.


Dik Pose said...


Am I going to have to keep saying that for the next 2 months?

Mac McCool said...

I second that! ;-D