Saturday, April 21, 2007

Te Anau has some glowing worms...that we can't show you

So we left th awesome place called Franz to Queenstown. Immedietley upon arrival we knew Queenstown was not the place for us. It really felt like a place in the US transported overseas and plopped down. Yes it had some charm, but it was very touristy and we honestly were not ready to be in a city. So we basically found a really cool bed and breakfast that overlooked the lake and hung out there the whole time.


We left after a 3 days hiding in our room, we left on a bus to go to Te Anau. We were very excited to hear about the very small town feel (one street, was literally the only street). It had the charm and the hokeyness we have been seeking out all along this trip. We stayed at a very cool bed and breakfast place called Moptop B&B (i guess a moptop is a flower of some kind...and not some weird reference to a beatle). Yvonne the owner was very sweet and welcoming. In Te Anau we hiked around the a good portion of the lake to be in nature/rainforest and the highlight was going out to the glow worm caves. We had to take a boat to get there and the boat ride alone was very cool. When we got to the caves they informed us no photography was allowed inside so all we really could do was shoot before and after. Let me tell you, the experience in going in this huge cave that had a good size river spilling out of it was awesome. There was a walkway made above the river so we stayed dry the whole time and at the end of the cave we were in pitch black and boarded this small boat in silence. We were transported to a place that felt like a night sky. The ceiling was lit up by these glowing worms, they had a bit of a twinkle to them and just looked awesome. Everywhere you looked you were in the twilight of the glowing worms. We did hear about the request for a good sign off on the video but this video was shot before we read that. Next video, get ready.


Dik Pose said...

Rock on guys, bring me home a glow worm!!

Dik Pose said...

"and its kinda cold." HAHAHA.. love that ending!!!

Mac McCool said...

People travel and pay to go see... WORMS?