Sunday, April 8, 2007

We are going to be on the move

Yesterday (Saturday the 7th) we did quite a bit, we woke up ate breakfast, went to the arts fair, spent a bunch of money on some cool crafts then went to a Rugby game, i guess it was a big one (the home team is in second place). We were lucky enough to sit next to someone who was willing to let us in on what is going on in this sport. The "Crusaders" really killed the other guys (they were wearing blue) at a score of 54 to Nill (See I am becoming a local already), it was a very cool game and we had great seats very close to the field. We ate like the locals and drank the local beer, ahh what a sweet day.

Tomorow morning (Monday for us i think Saturday for you guys) we will be taking a train to Greymouth, the train is called the TransAlpine and I guess the views are supposed to be amazing from the train. We are excited to leave for two reasons, one; to get the hell out of this hell hole of a place and start really exploring. Two; staying at a hostel that doesn't smell like moldy cheese and mildew got married (Don't worry i have taken photos, but they won't do justice, for it is the smell that kills us) would be really nice for a change. We realized that we know this city quite well, we know the bus routes and how to get around and so it is time for something new. So onward and upwards. I hope the next place we stay has faster internet so i can upload more and give you guys more of a glimpse into what we are up to.


Chuck said...

Matt & Megan
Love reading your blog, Mouldy Cheese and Mildew (MCM) a new FIRST in travel.
Be sure to look up and smile while you are in greymouth I am following your travels via Google.
Love Chuck and Maury

Dik Pose said...

Go Matt and Megan! Go!!

Cait said...

Matt are you going to make us look at all 2,000 of your pictures on your projector? I love and miss you both! Counting down the days until I see you.

LinZk said...

Haha, I tried writing a comment and ended up posting it as part of your trip! Wow, there's a reason God made me blonde.... Anyway, it looks like you are having a blast! Keep eating gelato and keep updating!!! --Love, Lindsey

Cait said...

PS you can see pictures of our house on
Sarah had a lot of time on her hands during her unemployed stage