Monday, April 30, 2007

Goodbye New Zealand Hello Australia!

Christchurch Looking over Littleton

First arrival in Greymouth
Inside the Punakaiki Cavern
Walking towards Franz Josef Glacier
Overlooking lake Te Anau after a 4 hour hike

So after a month of being in New Zealand it is time for us to leave. We had an amazing time but it is time for the adventure to continue! We have been staying in our "home town" of Christchurch for the past 4 days and it really felt nice to be familiar with the area. However, we arrived to our hostel we were turned around completely. We had no idea where the "city center" was and how to get there quickly. Even with a map somehow, we never really found the correct way. Until last night when our nice hostel clerk told us to just make a right and then we would see the church (city center) and we would be there...she must be mad we thought, but we tried it anyway and sure enough within 5 mintues we were in the center, weird. A couple nights, actually all the nights before it took us at least 40 minutes to get home. On one of the instances megan had a breakdown and just started laughing histarlically. Don't worry i was able to record it for all of you to enjoy. Those that know Megan well, know that her laughing attacks can come without warning and be triggered by almost anything. So we leave you with this video and we will return "down under"


Dik Pose said...

That video brought a huge smile to my face!

See you guys in Australia... :) Keep having fun...

lsoto said...

I laughed so hard, I cried!!

Mac McCool said...

Just caught up with your travelogue! Keep it going, it's great! Have fun in Kangaroo land!!!

Cait said...

Haha! That video made me miss you guys so much more...who new it was possible. I love you guys!

Cait said...

and by new i meant I am a smart