Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Day 2 so much better than day 1

So, day 2 was a night and day difference from the first day. The first day we were here, we were tired, hungry and looking for something to pass the time. The second day we decided to do a little more investigating and check out the real cool parts of the city. WOW what an amazing city! The history alone here is worth to check out. The locals say Christchurch is as close to Britain as you can get without going there. Since i have never been to the UK i cant say but if it is anything like this i would love to go there. We walked all of downtown and saw the first church ever built in Christchurch and actually the church came before the there was even a
"Christchurch". It is a really cool, old looking church with such amazing architecture and history i could have spent hours inside just looking at all the old unique things. We walked to the center art square where they converted an old all girls school into art schools. Walking in all of these castle like buildings just makes me so inspired and realized that in the US we just don't have anything cool like this. We also went to the awesome Christchurch art gallery and saw some very interesting modern and older paintings. Some very cool great master artist (which all slip my mind right now, are even more amazing to see in person). We also walked into the work/sell art areas where artists of all kind sell their wares. I would have loved to buy a lot more, but we only purchased a tiny painting of 3 birds for the low price of $38 (it was actually one of the cheaper things we found). Oh yeah, just because the exchange rate is better for us doesn't mean anything is cheap here. An average dinner costs around $23 each person, $2 is like our .99 cents, hence the $2 store being the bargain basement of all places, the guy who runs the hostel says inflation is really high right now, yay us! So we are still within our budget but man, i thought we would live like kings, instead we are living like kings one day and peasants the next. Since the Internet at our hostel is so slow i can't really show you how amazing it is so just take these couple photos as proof on how cool it actually is. I have taken around 150 photos so far, and we are only on day 3. This slow internet thing is killing me, looks like i may have to buy a whole mass of SD cards for the very expensive price of $48 a gig!
I am amazed just how easy it is to get used to the time difference here. Day 2, no problems at all getting up and staying up until 10pm and then waking up at 7am. It feels like we have never changed time zones. Man this jetlag stuff is a piece of cake! Ok people, we are going to hit up the town and check out the gardens and then go up in the gondola! Hurray for us, if we find a faster internet connection i will post more photos, otherwise you guys will have to be happy with the brief tastes I give.

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