Friday, May 11, 2007

Sydney...Sydney and more Sydney

The crew touring around the opera house...Matt caught in the middle of talking (not angry!)

Inside the Sydney Opera House...such cool structure!

Does this city ever stop!?
Since we arrived in Sydney it seems like a non-stop marathon of walking to places, walking back from places, walking around in places then walking some more. We have been doing a lot of the same things but just seeing them in depth. For instance, we finally got to see the inside of the opera house with Megans parents...which was amazing! Just standing inside of it was very cool to see, on top of this we got to see some sets and rehearsals of choirs and the ballet. Sydney is a pretty big place to shop and be "metropolitan". So that is exactly what we have been doing. Since we have not posted much it isn't we aren't doing anything it is just we aren't doing anything worth posting about...unless some of you want to hear about how Megan found a $5 dress, or how we had $5 pies with Megans parents on "pie night" at the Lord Nelson pub. Another one of our best values we have done since in Sydney was the $10 admission fee to go see the Australian Museum. WOW! What a great place, even though half of it was under construction it still took half a day to walk through and see and experience the wealth of information available, from bugs to mummy's it was all there. We even got to go in the "kids" area and hold and play with some stick bugs (Megan too!).

Video of Matt holding the stick bug in the Australian Museum

At the New South Wales Museum standing next to a Van Gogh...right before they arrested Matt for standing too close to a Van Gogh


Dik Pose said...

That video is DOPE! Go Matt Go! I wish it was video of Megan holding one! haha..

Sounds like you guys are having a good time in Sydney, cant wait to see where you go to next!

Chuck said...

We love you, we miss you, we wish we were still there with you. Enjoy, have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom and Dad

Matt said...

Thanks for commenting on the blog, even though i know there are many more of you who read (hello!) but Dik always comes through with making the blog feel read...oh yeah and megans parents too, thanks guys!

We actually DONT have a video of megan we only have pictures. Still very cool, the bug was awesome.

Natalie said...

Matt-you look like Grandpa in that pic!! I miss you guys!! SO glad you've been having fun!:)

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