Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Someones getting married while we are away...and we have a treat for them!

It just so happens that when we planned our big trip our good friends Ryan and Vanessa decided it was also a good time to get married. So, to make us feel like we had a great part in the success of their marriage we enlisted some of Australia's finest travellers and locals to give some great wedding advice to both Ryan and Vanessa that will be sure to alleviate any wedding jitters. We love you Ryan and Vanessa...we wish we could be there! Enjoy.


Dik Pose said...

Those vids were awesome!! I dont know if Ry and Ness liked them, but I sure did... Australians are funny.

(I saw the warning on the first one, so I didnt watch it, bummer for me. Maybe there were boobs in it or something? Something I couldnt handle? You guys know best ;) Cheers!)

I will not be around to respond for a week... I will be in Kauai making my own videos! I will have Lil Mike take a special pic for you two, I dont know what it will be yet, but it wont be kids safe.

Ry-Ry said...

Matt & Megan,
Thanks so much for the videos, I thought you forgot about me, your weed smoking friend BRIAN! I am so sorry you cannot be here with us. Maybe we should pull a "American Tail - somewhere out there" moment and sing to the same star at the same time...or maybe not. Or MAYBE? Thanks again Love Ya guys! Nice post-production by the way!

Ry-Ry aka Bry-Bry