Friday, May 18, 2007

Historic's sooo tiny

Today we woke up and went over to the Salamanka market to go find some local Tazzy goods. It was by far the best market we have been to since we began our travels. It was big, well organized and had the least amount of tourist stuff compared to all others. We also scheduled a tour of Australias historic Richmond that had the oldest standing bridge, oldest jail (gaol as they spell it...weird!) and church. It was a very quick tour but you get what you pay for and the town was so small we didn't need a lot of time anyway. During the whole tour it went from cloudy skies to blue skies then right when our tour ended it started to pour again. Tomorrow we begin our big hike with a guide for 3 days in the Tazzy wilderness. It should be an adventure considering how rainy it has been since we got here, but don't worry Megan has a plastic bag and waterproof pants. Expect updates as soon as we can find some shelter and an internet connection.

Oh yeah, if Ryan and Vanessa were in Australia they would already be married! So in i think 9 hrs from right now they should be exchanging vows in Maui! Congrats again guys, can't wait to hear about it when we return.

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Dik Pose said...

I am back! and you guys posted alot for me to read... I LOVE the matching his/hers budget videos, they were perfectly Matt and Megan!