Friday, May 18, 2007

Come to Tasmania!

Where is Megan? She is trying to lose me I know it.

Inside a part of the Hobart botanic gardens

So, we are now in Tasmania home of the Tasmanian Devil. Yep, the one you see in all those cartoons is exactly the one that is here as it turns out. We flew from Melbourne (We stayed in St. Kilda, just 10 minutes outside of Melbourne central)and enjoyed the area but it really just felt like any other beach town. So knowing that we are going to be staying in Melbourne for a week at the end of the month we went out to seek more adventure. So Tazzy it is! We flew from Melbourne to Tazzy on a company called JetStar (i guess it is a little brother of Qantas) and was quickly shuttled to our little place in Hobart. It is a very quaint town that feels like an old port town. We did quite a bit of walking around and seeing the sites the site we liked a lot was the botanic gardens. We spent around 3 hours walking there, although it was much smaller than Christchurch it still had some very neat areas. So tomorrow (Saturday) we plan to go to the local markets in the morning then get a tour of Australia's oldest town Richmond. Then after that our big 3 day adventure tour begins exploring all over the small island that is Tasmania!


Mac McCool said...

Wow! It looks beautiful! Have fun there!

Dik Pose said...

Beautiful pics... wow.